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PayPal lets you deposit and withdrawal at online bingo sites safely and discreetly. You can move money to and from various bingo sites without directly providing the operator with a bank card number or your very personal bank account information. Instead, you enter your PayPal account details, select the amount of money you wish to allocate for play, enter your password, and off you go! When it is time to cash in your winnings, you can move your funds from the bingo site back into your PayPal account with the greatest of ease. PayPal has a rich history of working with gambling, casino, poker, and bingo operators – so you can be certain that when you use PayPal to play bingo your money is safe and secure.

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Is PayPal the best deposit / cashout option for playing bingo?

In addition to using PayPal to play bingo, there are many different ways you can deposit and cash in when playing online bingo. At most reputable and accredited (licenced, legal) bingo sites, you can deposit with bank, prepaid, or debit cards just like you are able to utilize methods of deposit such as UK bank transfers, or your NETeller, and Skrill accounts (if you have these e-wallet accounts). But really, how do you know which way you should choose to deposit and play bingo? In order to answer this question in a proper and fair manner, we need only look at a few of the many advantages of using PayPal for bingo. The two main advantages of PayPal are instantaneous transactions and an added layer of anonymity in your financial transaction. Both of these features protect your information and your funds. We will go into detail regarding exactly what we mean below.

Naturally, we assume that you have done your homework and selected a financially sound bingo site that is properly licenced (with the UK Gambling Commission) and has an upstanding reputation. If you have not, we have provided reviews of reputable bingo sites that take PayPal and have a spread of attractive promotions, offerings, bonuses, and the like. Feel free to use one of our suggested sites if you do not already have one in mind.

Instant Deposits

When you make a deposit with PayPal, the funds transfer from your PayPal e-wallet account immediately and move to your online bingo account. When using a debit card or bankcard, the transaction sometimes does not appear instantly. When a purchase or deposit does not post instantaneously, this leaves the window for a miscalculation, ledger error, or oversight open for too long. It is simple to forget you have made a purchase. It is also quite easy to check your balance and quickly assume that your account balance reflects your purchase. If you do not keep a high balance in your account, you could be in for a most unpleasant surprise when your bingo transaction posts, as bank fees are ridiculously high if your balance goes negative.

With using PayPal to pay for bingo, your balance updates immediately. This means you are far less likely to make a mistake in “over purchasing”. Likewise, you are less likely to suffer the consequences of overdrawing on your account.

In addition to instant deposits, some PayPal bingo sites process your winnings back to your account instantly. At sites such as Coral, and Gala Bingo, your funds can be returned to your PayPal account within four hours. By comparison, the very same funds could take two to three days to both post back to your card and become available for use as you see fit. You will also find that bingo sites that do not support instant cashouts with PayPal do have faster withdrawal times for PayPal cash out requests than they do for withdrawals by other methods. Thus, using PayPal for bingo is faster on both the purchase and payment side of the equation.

Keep banking & card details anonymous

Anonymity is another key benefit for playing at bingo sites using PayPal. When you play bingo using your PayPal account, you never need to provide the vendor (or in this case the bingo site) with details about your bank account or card. Instead, you provide the site with the details of your PayPal account. This simply requires you to register your account with the bingo site in the cashiering section of your player account. Once you have done this, you can move money back and forth between your bingo player account and your PayPal e-wallet account and never once will you have to worry about anyone or anything picking up on your bank information or card details.

Such financial anonymity gives many online bingo players piece of mind, as their whole financial world is not “out there” being risked by playing bingo. Although in the pure interest of fairness, most online bingo websites provide for safe and secure financial transactions. Thus, this advantage is more so one of peace of mind as well as anonymity.

How to Use PayPal for Bingo

To use PayPal for playing bingo, simply sign up with a bingo site that supports PayPal transactions. Obviously, if you have already done so, you need only log into your account at the website you have previously chosen. Upon setting up your bingo account and assuming you already have a funded, verified account with PayPal – go to the bingo site’s cashier page after you have logged on as a player.

Navigate to the deposits queue of the cashier. Then, select PayPal to enter your account details. The details typically include merely providing your email address that your PayPal account is registered under and verifying your identity and ownership of said PayPal account by entering the proper password when prompted to do so. You also need to decide and indicate how much money you wish to deposit with your PP account.

Finally, process your transaction by clicking “submit”. Be careful to submit your transaction only once, as doing so multiple times “could” result in buying in more than you have intended to do. If such an error ever happens, be certain to contact the bingo site’s support team straight away so that they can correct the error for you immediately.

Upon completing your PayPal transaction, you are ready to play online bingo. You can monitor your player balance in the cashier section. This will indicate your deposits, the net result of your winnings and losses, as well as any bonuses you have received for depositing.

When you have played bingo until your heart is content; you can cash out any money you have left back to your PayPal account. Do keep in mind that for your protection, reputable bingo sites will ask you for a verification of identity before they will process a withdrawal back to you. This means you should be prepared to upload your identification and a supporting document that verifies your identity and residence prior to asking for the cashout. By verifying your identity prior to requesting your cashout, you will speed up the amount of time it takes to get your winnings back into your PayPal account.

Final Remarks Regarding Playing at PayPal Supported Bingo Sites

Using PayPal for playing at online bingo sites is a safe, easy, secure, and efficient method of paying for your play. The bingo site picks up the cost of transactions when you make a purchase with them. This means you are free of fees that are often associated with making a PayPal purchase. When making a withdrawal from your player account back to your cashier, the bingo site does not charge a transaction fee. However, PayPal may take a fee that is consistent with normal PayPal fees you are charged for receiving funds.

We firmly believe that PayPal is the best means by which to play online bingo and this website serves as a guide and resource dedicated to playing bingo through the use of this popular online wallet. We want to make it crystal clear that this website, any bingo site we feature or discuss, and its owners are not in any way, shape, or form associated with PayPal. This means that should you have any issues or questions regarding your own PayPal account, you should contact PayPal’s official support team or the support team assigned to the bingo site or sites you have chosen.